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Genesis 10-11

1/4/2020 - 1/5/2020 - Genesis 10-11

A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
Genesis 10-11
January 4                                      
            The descendants of Noah’s sons include people who colonized the Mediterranean World and beyond: Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Mesopotamia (modern Iraq and Iran).
            The problem which arises out of this family is found in the joint effort to make themselves equal with God. An evil which at first infected just a single couple, Adam and Eve, has now become an epidemic embraced by and embracing thousands! And the goal is always the same: to be as great as God, or at least to become masters of our own destiny and direction without a second thought for that which lies beyond our own experience or desire.
            God is not willing to allow such human arrogance and misunderstanding of reality to continue so He acts in a way consistent with both His justice and His grace: He confounds their languages and their plans are shattered by the inability to communicate with each other.
            The importance of communication to human achievement cannot be easily measured, but it can be clearly understood: virtually anything is possible when communication and cooperation are good; virtually nothing significant is possible when communication and cooperation are bad.
            This is true in marriages, parent-child relationships, business enterprises and even in the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ Himself. Communication is crucial.
            However, so is God’s blessing. The almost miraculous accomplishments made possible to mankind by virtue of joint effort are none the less quite fragile and temporary in nature unless God decides to stand behind them. Man proposes; God disposes. That’s the fact.
            In what relationship could you work harder to communicate how you feel, what you want, why you are convinced, where you really need help and who truly matters in your life?
            Do you ever run ahead of God: denying Him any place in your plans by ignoring any input He might want to provide (e.g., through prayer or what He has already written in the Bible)?
            Spend ten more minutes than you had planned, explaining to someone something they need to know about how you think or how valuable they are to you, or what it is you are asking them to do. Then spend ten more minutes than you usually do communicating with God in prayer – first expressing some of your feelings and then silently listening to see if somehow you can’t get some insight into His.
© A. Eugene Pearson  2011