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Genesis 1-2


A Devotional Journey
  Led by Gene Pearson 
Thru the Bible in a Year
Genesis 1-2
January 1    
            The four most important words in the Bible could well be: in the beginning God.  Genesis 1-2 is not intended as a description of how God did things, or as an explanation of why God did things, but rather as an assertion that it was God who did things.  That doesn’t mean we can’t gain some insight into God’s approach to creation by reading these chapters, but they are extremely general and allow for a great deal of speculation about whether there was any process at all (such as the gradual development of various kinds of plants and animals), or whether everything in turn was simply created ex nihilo – ‘out of nothing.’
            Another crucial fact about the Bible’s presentation of creation is that at each step God was satisfied enough to pronounce the results ‘good.’  The universe was never intended to be either a hostile or lonely place.  Such realities came only after human beings (Adam and Eve) decided they could compete with God for ‘most important’ status in the universe.
            Chapter two elaborates in a more up close and specific fashion on the creation of human beings.  The key directive from God is that He is to be the source of moral direction.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is off limits because the new humans do not need and cannot successfully cope with moral choice.  God Himself is to be the source of moral guidance and if the man and woman will continue in the innocence and purity of their created state the future is completely secure.
            Our own security comes from 1) knowing God is there, 2) knowing that His plan for us is good and 3) knowing we can trust His moral judgment and direction (even in the middle of our own uncertainties).  The greatest challenge to our own well-being is a self-assertion which turns away from the stability and absolute security found in trusting God and substitutes in its place personal desire and preference. 
             Have you ever made a list of God’s principles for happy (or ‘successful’) living?  As we read through the Bible together, you might want to jot down the directions He provides and then regularly go through the list to organize and summarize the lessons to be learned. 
© A. Eugene Pearson  2011