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Genesis 12-14


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
Genesis 12-14
January 5                                
            Some amazing twists and incidents occur in this section of the Bible. First, Abram is called and commissioned by God as the leader of a group of people who will reestablish the reality of God’s existence and plan in the world (12:1-9). Then, forgetting God’s promises to bless Him, Abram cowers before the power of the king of Egypt (12:10-15). After God intervenes to protect him and his wife (12:16-20), Abram’s prospects for prosperity take a negative turn when his nephew Lot chooses the best land in the area as his own and leaves his uncle with the mountains and wilderness (13:1-13). Yet God promises Abram that in the end he will prosper and his descendants will live in this area forever (13:14-18).    
            Perhaps as a demonstration of how God is already blessing him, Abram is personally untouched by a war which breaks out in the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea area he has just given over to Lot, and he is able to take his own men and rescue his nephew who was captured in the fighting (14:1-16). Abram’s prosperity is enhanced by all the loot captured in this effort, and he is blessed by a mysterious priest of the Most High God (14:17-24) who is later seen as a prefigure of Christ (Hebrew 4:14; see also Hebrews 7:2-11).
            We learn at least five things from this section of Genesis:

1) The call of God to serve is received by every person with whom He relates, and each one is
   given the position and ability from which to carry out that service (compare 1 Corinthians 12).    
2) God’s presence and protection is found throughout our lives – even in circumstances
   beyond our control; and even when we appear to have been taken advantage of by others.
3) God’s promise to us is eternal: in Christ, we have received a part in His Kingdom forever.
4) We are often used by God to help others in need, though we must usually ‘put ourselves
   out’ to do so.
5) Our blessing is not only in the anticipation of what Christ will do some day, but in our    
   knowledge of what He has already done and the relationship with Him that makes possible.
            Are you serving God in some specific and serious way – particularly in His Church?
            Is there any situation in your life which has caused you to forget God’s promise to bless and protect you?
            Is there someone you know whom you should be helping? What can you do today?
            What are you doing to build your relationship with Jesus Christ
(Hint: reading through the Bible is a great beginning. Worship is another way. Prayer is another. Active participation in the work of Christ with other Christians in His Church is another. As you do these things, God Himself will reveal others!)
© A. Eugene Pearson  2011