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Genesis 41-45


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson     
Thru the Bible in a Year
Genesis 41-45
January 15                                      
            Now we come to the unexpected ending of Joseph’s story. A wine steward once imprisoned for offending the Pharaoh (and thus coming into contact with Joseph) becomes aware of a strange dream Pharaoh has had and informs him that a prisoner he met two years ago (God’s timing must sometimes seem slow!) is able to interpret such visions.
            When he is summoned to demonstrate this gift in the Pharaoh’s case, God enables Joseph to discern a coming famine and the appropriate plan to offset its potential damage. So impressed is Pharaoh that he immediately bestows upon Joseph the title and privileges of his second-in-command, or Vizier.
            God continues working His plan as Joseph is reunited with his brothers and father, through a rather lengthy process of helpful deceit and then gracious forgiveness. The importance of Benjamin as the last son of Rachel is seen, the true repentance of the brothers becomes clear and the triumph of gratitude to God for His sustaining blessings over bitterness towards others who might try to thwart them is also obvious.
            Is there anyone towards whom you hold a grudge?  Is there anyone who rightfully might hold a grudge against you?  How do you handle such situations and feelings? 
            In the story of Joseph, God reveals how He can intervene at the right moment and put things back together again. It takes time to get over injury and mistreatment. We have difficulty finding any shortcuts either for ourselves or others. The key, as in the case of Joseph and (I believe) his brothers is to keep moving through life, seeking to grow closer to God and He will provide the occasions and opportunities for reconciliation, redemption and healing.
            We must trust Him through the darkness of our disasters as well as in the uncertainties of new opportunities.
            God does not always act in accordance with our taste for timeliness. He does not always provide solutions or compensation in the ways we might desire. He does, however,. bring each of us to the place where we can see both His goodness and His love, and if we cannot always understand His motives or choices, we can at least be assured of His trustworthiness.
            Why not bring to God any bitterness in your heart today, any anxiety in your mind today, any impatience in your spirit today and ask Him to remove them.
            Ask Him to bring you to the point where you can become an instrument of His grace as Joseph was – whether or not you become materially prosperous or professionally successful.
            God had plans for Joseph’s life. He has plans for yours as well. Rather than insisting He reveal them to you now, let Him decide the timing. Just live with Him (and for Him) today. You can decide Him with the rest.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2011