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Genesis 46-50


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                                                             
Thru the Bible in a Year
Genesis 46-50
January 16                                        
            The reconciliation becomes complete and the entire family moves to the comfort and security of Egypt under the protection of Joseph (whose childhood visions are all fulfilled in the process). A more important purpose, from the divine perspective, is the preservation of the line and the positioning of His new People to carry out His plan for the redemption of the world. This will take several hundred years to become more visible (through the conquest of the Promised Land in the area of modern day Israel) and close to two  thousand to fully come to pass (through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ).
            In the meantime, various prophesies regarding Joseph and his brothers are given by Jacob. After his death, Joseph reassures his brothers that his forgiveness has been genuine and not merely forced by a desire to please their father. He makes clear his wish to have his body taken back to the land of Abraham when his people finally return there.
            Throughout this section of Genesis there is the ominous hint that trouble lies ahead for the family of Abraham and that the complete fulfillment of God’s Covenant promise will be many years away.
            As you look back over your life, can you see points at which God has preserved you?  At what points could things have gone in a completely different direction?  We tend to think of the times things could have been better, but there have been many times when things could have been worse. As you consider some of the latter, how could you communicate your own sense of God’s protection in your life:  to members of your family, personal friends, colleagues at work, fellow students, acquaintances in other areas of your life?
            Is there anyone you know who might have reason to wonder if you really care about them, accept them, have forgiven them or love them?  Assuming that you really do and have, how might you help them feel more secure in your relationship?
            Today make a call, write a note, send an e-mail, buy a gift, give a compliment, spend some time, or in some other way demonstrate to someone who is important to you that you really do care about them.
            It’s amazing how much easier it is to express love to other people once we have stopped to consider just how much God has demonstrated His love to us.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2011