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Exodus 1-2

1/18/2020 - 1/19/2020 - Exodus 1-2

A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                                                             
Thru the Bible in a Year
Exodus 1-2
January 18                            
      As the word Genesis (which means beginnings) describes the nature of the material in its pages, so the word Exodus (which means departing) does the same. The people who are called the sons of Jacob (see 1:1), but refer to themselves as Israelites (after Jacob’s God-given name), are also known as Hebrews (their racial name). They've settled in Egypt and lived there for over 300 years when this part of their story begins (that’s almost 100 years longer than the entire history of the United States of America).
      It would appear that a shift in Egyptian history takes place and a new regime emerges which has no regard for the Israelites and therefore no reason to treat them with any special deference. Indeed, the size of this group is so great that they appear as a threat to the power of the state. So they are made slaves, working on the construction of major cities.
      The population question becomes even more troubling and steps are taken to increase the infant mortality rate. At this point, God intervenes, and through His providence a Hebrew boy whose mother cannot bear to kill him, miraculously finds his way into the household of the Pharaoh (or king) himself. His name, Moses comes from the fact that the princess who finds and raises him pulled out this baby from the Nile River.
      Even as he grows up with all the rights and privileges of his adopted status, Moses remembers his heritage (his real mother has been hired by the princess to be his nanny), and when he sees one of his people being cruelly treated by an Egyptian slave master, he attacks and kills the offender.
      This leads to exile in the Sinai Desert in an area known as Midian. Here Moses meets a new family and marries.
      A great deal is compressed in two chapters of the Bible. More than 200 years of Israelite history & several decades of Moses’ life are summarized.
       The issue in the story is not Moses or the Israelites, but God’s plan & His ability to carry it out. He picks Egypt as the place where his People will live, so Joseph is sent there. He decides Moses will be the leader of this People & so He preserves Moses’ life. God makes sure Moses is prepared for everything that lies ahead:  both conflict with the Egyptian authorities and life in the Sinai Peninsula. It’s amazing how thorough and effective is God’s plan.
     Do you ever wonder if God knows or cares what’s going on in your life?  Do you ever feel He’s left you in the dark or made you wait for help too long?  Surely there are times when we cannot understand why things must happen or how we can survive them.
      The story of Moses and Israel is a reminder that God comes through – not always when we want, not always on our cue, but He does come through. His promises are kept; His determination to carry out His plan is unwavering.
      As you face the day, remember that you are part of God’s promises too. He loves you too. He has promised to see you through too. Knowing how thorough and careful God was in the lives of Moses and Israel, why not trust Him with your life today.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2011