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Exodus 11-12


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                   
   Thru the Bible in a Year
      The death of the first born sons in all the households of Egypt is the final straw:  Pharaoh relents and the people of Israel are free to go. The tragic outcome of resistance to God’s will is clear and the pain resulting from human disregard for His clear instructions is very, very real.
      The Israelites are protected once again, this time by a symbolic ritual which will become part of their heritage:  after a special meal designed to remind them of all God is doing and prepare them for their journey through the wilderness, the blood of the lamb being eaten at their meal is sprinkled on the door-posts of their houses and the Angel of Death passes over their houses on the way to kill the Egyptian first born.
      It is worth noting that this Passover Feast (which became the most important in the Israelite religious year) was the occasion for the Last Supper Jesus had with His disciples the night before His death on the Cross. He became the Lamb whose blood could save everyone who responded to Him in faith from God’s judgment on sin.
      At midnight all the Egyptian households are filled with grief and word quickly comes from the king that Moses and his people are free to go. So eager are the Egyptians to help them leave that they give a great amount of their personal treasure to the Israelites.
      It is a fascinating picture:  600,000 people prepared to go on a long journey before they are sure it will be allowed to take place. The speed with which they started out for the desert  must have been surprising even to Pharaoh.
      God’s plans are not thwarted:  not by human stubbornness and not by human power. When we refuse He still prevails.  When we resist He still succeeds. There is no one like God and no way to withstand Him.
      Do you need God’s protection?  Do you ever wonder if it’s there for you?  As you read about Passover, remember Christ’s death on the Cross. Let the reality of what He’s already done for you be an encouragement to believe that God is willing and able to do whatever it takes to preserve and protect your life.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2011