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Exodus 16-18


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson            
Thru the Bible in a Year
     The beginning of anything is the hardest time, and so it is for the People of Israel. They will become a nation with laws and organizational structure as they go through the Sinai Desert, but they will struggle and straggle along in the process. They will alternately be devoted to and angry with Moses and, by extension, with God, who Moses represents.  
     This ebb and flow pattern is typical throughout history when it comes to how we relate to God, and it explains why we find ourselves so often in need of reconciliation with Him.
      The water is bitter; there isn’t any meat; there isn’t any water; there are enemies in sight; there isn’t enough access to Moses. All these things become subjects of complaint for the Israelites, and their treatment of Moses, who has clearly distinguished himself as a courageous leader and close confidant of God. It's appalling! 
      The most important episode in this section has to do with the provision by God of manna a kind of bread-like substance which can sustain the people when no other food is available. It is important to remember that the Sinai Peninsula through which the Israelites are traveling is one of the most inhospitable, barren regions of the world! 
      We must live from God’s hand, from day to day. This is the lesson from manna. People who take more than a day’s ration (out of laziness or greed) find it rotting and smelling up their tents!  People who fail to take it when it’s offered find themselves without any food at all! 
      God does provides, but we must accept His instructions on how to appropriate His blessings as well as His blessings themselves.
      Do you trust God one day at a timeAre you willing to walk with God and find with Him the value and blessing in each day?  We so often are looking ahead or thinking back on other times. Now is the only time that exists, and we must learn to walk with God now, trust God now, serve God now, grow closer to God now and yield control of our lives to God now, or nothing will ultimately change, progress, work or succeed.
      Take a look around today and ask yourself:  "What has God provided for me in this day that I am not seeing?" 
Think back on the past week and ask yourself:  "What did God have for me that I didn’t accept?"
      “This is the day which the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  Let those words from Psalm 118:24, be your focus today.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2011