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Exodus 21-24


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson           
                     Thru the Bible in a Year                      
       Now we encounter a variety of additional laws designed to make our lives and society work better. They provide specifics about worship, slavery, crime, liability, debt, morality, justice and compassion. In the end everything is formalized in a new covenant sealed with blood of animal sacrifices (remember Abraham walking between the two halves of the heifer and the idea "May this happen to me if I ever break this covenant."
       The covenant with God is always a matter of life and death and therefore is sealed with the sign of both:  blood.
It is easy to see in these Laws a concern for human need, responsibility, compassion and cooperation. There are limits set to what can be exacted in punishment as well as definitions of what those punishments should be. There is recognition that unpredictable events can occur in which one party does not intentionally harm another, and yet must still bears some responsibility for failing to take every reasonable precaution to avoid such an outcome.
       A traffic signal is not designed to stop traffic; it's designed to assure that as traffic moves there are no accidents. God's Law was not designed to limit our enjoyment of life, but rather to ensure that as we live there are no insurmountable barriers to our enjoyment of it.
       Do you ever resist rules?  There are so many written by legislatures, organizations, businesses, community groups and home owners associations, to name a few.  Some of these rules make more sense than others. However, when God becomes directly involved in providing us with rules, it is never to restrict us, but always to protect us.
       Is there any area of your life in which you have moved out from under God's protection by intentionally violating His rules? 
Or even by simply forgetting to read them and learn how they might apply?
       God wants our best and knows where its found. We could do a lot worse than listen to Him and take His direction.
A. Eugene Pearson 2011