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Exodus 25-27


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson           
    Thru the Bible in a Year
       "The devil is in the details." So reads an old adage. It doesn't strictly apply at this point in our reading, but does remind us of how easy it is to get off track -- especially when we come to something which is not as exciting or dramatic as an escape from Egypt or meeting God on a mountain.
        hat we read in these chapters are the details about how things should be done to assure that God is treated with proper respect and we have the most accurate picture of the nature of our relationship with Him.
        Design details, dimensions, materials and even construction information is all provided by God. Why?  Because He cares about this. We have a tendency in twentieth century societies to minimize the importance of formality in worship. "We can worship God anyway that pleases us!" You can almost hear people say.
       When you read passages like this it becomes clearer that worship is supposed to center around what God wants, not what we like. Happily, we have no reason to believe that the two are necessarily incompatible, and certainly the issue is not one of traditional versus contemporary forms or liturgical or less formal styles. What is clear is that the attention to detail related to how God is perceived, addressed, approached and presented is important to Him.
The statement "I can worship God anyway I want!" is clearly false and terribly misleading. I can only worship God if I am solely interested in what He wants, because that's what worship is all about. My dress, demeanor, choice of songs, and everything else must aim at what pleases Him, not what pleases me.
       It's obviously an important issue because God spends so many chapters speaking about this in the Bible. It's true that the New Testament spends less time discussing worship, but neither does it anywhere suggest that this is no longer important or that it can occur in a cavalier fashion.
       Do you worship God?  Going to a church on Sunday morning is not necessarily the same thing. Does everything you do while in church cause you to come closer to God?  Worship is not about getting your psychological boost for the week. It's not about learning the latest techniques to solve your most pressing personal problems this week. Worship is about coming into the presence of God with the clear intention of praising and honoring Him by remembering Who He is in our lives and renewing our commitment to honor and serve Him as LORD. Even the message is supposed to do that.
       Today, spend some time thinking about how important and powerful God is, how amazing and wonderful His love for us is, and how you could pay attention to and server Him better. Then do it!
© A. Eugene Pearson 2011