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Exodus 28-31


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson    
                      Thru the Bible in a Year             
       More of the same:  how to make the garments for the religious leaders; how the ordination of priests is to be carried out; what kind of offerings to bring; the construction of altars; support for God's work; accouterments of worship; the type of people who should serve; the importance of the Sabbath.
       The garments of the priest are designed to set them apart in a magnificent way, not for their own benefit, but to show the importance of God (and so that nothing about them will detract from the focus of attention on Him).
       Priests, or religious leaders, are to take very seriously their office and position as God's representatives among the people. Their personal needs will be provided for in the offerings people bring to God, and their duties will always careful recognition of His importance. The sacrifices symbolize the need for forgiveness among God's people for their failings and sins.
       Everyone is expected to help finance the establishment of God's work, and there is plenty to do the job if everyone acts as he should. Only the most well-trained and talented people should be asked to do God's work, which doesn't mean no one else can help, but there is a standard of excellence God expects.
       The importance of spiritually qualified and seriously committed people serving as priests is emphasized again and again in the Bible.  While we are all part of a royal priesthood according to 1 Peter 2:10, the spiritual leaders of the church must be equipped and gifted by God in special ways for that task. Both the Old and New Testaments speak of providing for their financial support.
       Finally, it is expected that a day each week will be observed in honor of God and for the rest and renewal of His people. This Sabbath requirement is repeated more than just about anything else in the Bible.
       How important is God in your life?  Would anyone see Him as they watch you?  Priests had (and have) an advantage because they stand out. The New Testament says we are a kingdom of priests, each with the responsibility to make Christ known.
       Do you observe the Sabbath as a day to honor God and rest?  Is the entire day His?  How do you observe this?  Since the New Testament teaches that every day is His along with all we have and are, it may be easy to let the Sabbath simply become another of His days. It's supposed to be special. How are you making it that way?
  © A. Eugene Pearson 2011