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Exodus 35-40


A Devotional Journey
   led by Dr. Gene Pearson      
Thru the Bible in a Year
       After sharing God's regulations for the observation of the Sabbath (or day of rest devoted to God), Moses assigns the workers to begin building the Tabernacle as God has laid it out. This will be the portable sanctuary in which God will be worshiped. An offering is taken and so much is given by the people that Moses has to give an order for them to stop bringing the offerings in!
       The details of the construction of the Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant (which will house the evidence of God=s work among the people on their journey to the Promised Land of Israel), the table, lampstand, altar of incense, altar of burnt offerings, basin of washing and the priestly garments are all included in some detail in this section of Exodus B a clear indication of how seriously God expects people to treat their relationship with Him.
       It is an extreme and indescribable honor to be able to know and worship Athe most high God.”  It is a privilege and responsibility which God conveys.
       Moses inspects every detail of the Tabernacle construction and, after seeing how well the work has been done, he blesses the people on behalf of God. Exodus ends with the glory of the Lord covering the new sanctuary and the pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night showing His position as Leader of them all.  The departing has ended and the rest of their journey will be an approach to a new life in the Land God has promised them.
       The people themselves build the sanctuary to the Lord. This is always the best way. It represents their own hearts and effort and commitment. We are the ones who must become actively involved as Christ builds His Church through our lives.
       Are you building?  Are your talents being used by God?  If everyone gave as you do, would the announcement to stop giving for a while be necessary!  Is God's glory seen in what you are doing in the congregation of which you are a part?
The People of Israel sinned, complained, made mistakes and sometimes just plain rebelled against God. Yet they kept coming back, repenting and changing course, and God blessed them by accepting, then using their lives and work.  He wants to do the same with us.
        Ask God to show you a way you could more faithfully serve Him today?  Ask Him to show you how you could be more useful to Him today. Ask Him to use your life, look for the opportunities He brings and then watch what He does in and through you!
© A. Eugene Pearson 2011