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Numbers 5-8


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                             
Thru the Bible in a Year
         The purity of God=s people is the key to their success in Numbers. So at the beginning of their march of conquest they establish rules to keep the camp clean, to keep relationships good, and to preserve the faithfulness of family life. The opportunity is given for special occasions of devotion to God in a ritual which will be used by the missionary Paul, about 1,500 years later (not to mention a man named Sampson, even sooner). Then consecration and setting up of the Tabernacle is carried out.
         God wants our environment to be clean, our families to be strong, our commitment to be renewed and our worship to be magnificent.
         Have you ever stopped to think about the purity in your own life? Is your house (or room) clean? Are your relationships honorable? Have you ever gone through an exercise or planned program to renew your relationship with and commitment to God?
         In chapter 7, all the people bring offerings to the LORD. They are clearly substantial when you consider that these people are living in the desert. To give up their animals is a major decision. Does your giving ever involve a major decision? If everyone gave to support the work of Christ=s Church as you do, would more or less be done than is being done now?
         The Levites were not priests. They were the ones who assisted them in what they did. In a sense they were like dedicated laymen in present day churches (even though their status was more official at the time). What are you doing to assist in the work of Christ through the church you attend? How is your life a help to others who lead? In what ways might you be called to assist in leadership?
         Why not take some time and ask yourself today what you could do financially and personally to make your congregation stronger and more effective in its ministry. Then commit yourself to a plan to do it.

© A. Eugene Pearson 2011