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Leviticus Summary

2/8/2020 - 2/9/2020 - Leviticus Summary

A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                           
                                                                     Thru the Bible in a Year
1.  To be holy is not just about doing certain things (or not doing them); it’s about being led and controlled by the
     One Who Himself is truly holy.
2.  To be holy is not just about avoiding sin, but about confessing and being cleansed from sin by God.
3.  To be holy is not really possible for any human being  (at least not in this life) but is our aim and the goal
     towards which we progress as we follow God’s lead into the life to come.
4.  Do you believe God’s standards are there for His benefit or ours?  Read through some of them again and see
     if there isn’t something  you should and could be doing differently in your life.
5.  Are you as gracious to others as God has been to you?  Pick out a person you can with whom you can work to
     be more patient and do so.  Look for an opportunity today to forgive someone, overlook an offense, and help an
6.  Do you believe that the more you grow into the person God calls you to be the more you fulfill your potential and
7.  Reread chapter 26, and ask yourself, “What could this mean in my life?”  How can I please God today?

© A. Eugene Pearson 2011