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Deuteronomy 27-30


A Devotional Journey
    led by Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a YearFebruary 26:                                                                
       Moses continues his farewell address to the People of Israel by listing for them the blessings of God on their future faithfulness and His curses on their future unfaithfulness.  The two lists are roughly equivalent and are to be recited after an altar is erected on Mount Ebal.  First the Levites will pronounce the curses which will fall on those who disobey God; then they will pronounce the blessings which will come to those who do obey the LORD. 
       Moses invites the people to renew their Covenant relationship with God, and promises them that even in times of personal or national trouble God will still bless their lives if they will be faithful. 
       His summary statement is decisive:  See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. The point made is that the people will, from this day forward, never be without excuse because they know.  Therefore they should choose life.
       The blessings for those who are faithful to God include every aspect of life from national prominence, to family growth, to financial abundance, to personal protection, to spiritual maturity.  The curses embrace the same areas as the blessings with the opposite effect.
       Have you ever thought about God’s sense of propriety?  He is LORD of Creation.  Everything exists at His pleasure – no one can withstand His wrath or His judgment.  He has gone to a great deal of trouble to provide encouragement, spiritual renewal and salvation for those who follow Him – particularly, as we know, in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  If we ignore His importance or trivialize His standards, do we actually believe He will not respond in some judgmental, negative way – particularly since He says He will?
       If, on the other hand, we recognize His greatness, and yield to His authority, do we honestly believe He will not respond in some positive way – particularly since that is His promise? 
       In Jesus Christ, God has recognized our inability to perfectly keep His Law as we should; however, He still expects that we would care enough about Him and trust Him enough to at least try to follow His instruction.
       Do you do that?  Do you try to find God’s will and follow it?  The Bible is really quite a clear guide to God’s feelings, expectations and desire that we should discover the fulfillment of our lives and enjoy them.   As you read it this week, pick out something you can work on to grow and please God.  Let His Word become the guide you follow.  Make pleasing Him a priority, and see if His blessings do not follow as surely as morning follows night. 
       He does make the promises. . . and He does keep them!