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Deuteronomy 17-20


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                           
Thru the Bible in a Year
In this section, Moses once more reminds the people to stay focused on the importance of God in their lives.  He lays out the cautions which must be observed in installing a king over the people once the Land is settled, and then lists several explanations and directions which will apply in Israel's future.
The Levites are to be provided for in a careful and generous way.  Neither child sacri-fice nor divination and witchcraft are to be allowed among God's People.  God will raise up pro-phets who will be His spokesmen, and the people will know their authenticity by the fulfillment of their predictions.  Cities of refuge are to be maintained and the rules involved are reiterated.
The need for honest witnesses is emphasized and those who are proven to be dishonest must suffer the punishment which would have fallen on those against whom they testify falsely.  There must always be two witnesses to confirm any matter of significance.
Finally some of the issues of military life and rules of engagement are presented.  Certain cities and nations are under the judgment of God and must be completely destroyed; in all other instances, a city under attack must first be given a chance to surrender peacefully.
Again, the God's gracious concern for His Creation is clear.  Unless He is supreme, nothing will work right in the new nation being established.  It must never be the case that a king becomes so full of himself that he fails to recognize the Source of blessing and power in God; that would be detrimental to the People of God.  God's servants (the Levites) must never be neglected, but, in fact, their welfare must be provided for. 
Those who prophesy at God's direction must be listened to so the people can be blessed.  Those guilty of accidental crimes must be protected, and those unjustly accused must be as well.  Even those who are being conquered must be treated fairly.
Have you ever thought about how careful God is to protect the weak and guide the fool-hearty?  Do you ever wonder if God cares about your needs and concerns?  He does.  He wants each of us to know and respond to Him; yet we continue to forget that God cares -- especially when things are going wrong. 
God is interested in your life today.  He does not want you to take any step which pulls you away from Him.  On the other hand, in the relationship, He wants you to be safe, wise and confident of His love.  Do believe all that? 
Ask yourself:  if God is the Person who loves me so much that He gets involved in the details of my life, why should I ever be afraid of anything?  Pain may come, God is there.  Problems may come; God is there.  God is not just there, He's here!  Remember that today!
A. Eugene Pearson 2011