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Joshua 22-24


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                                                             
Thru the Bible in a Year
       As the book concludes, the eastern tribes are returning home (on the other side of the Jordan River), and Joshua is giving his own farewell address to the leaders of the people.  His remarks are worth noting: 
       1)  "You yourselves have seen everything the LORD your God has done..." (23:3); 
       2)  "Be very strong; be careful to obey all that is written in the Book of the Law [of Moses]. . ." (23:6); 
       3)  "One of you routs a thousand because the LORD your God fights for you..." (23:10);
       4) "Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed" (23:14);
       5)  "...if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this
            day whom you will serve, . . . But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD" (24:15).
       The people hear a rehearsal of all the LORD has done for them and they renew their own commitment:  "We too will serve the LORD, because he is our God" (24:18).  Joshua points out that such a promise carries with it responsibility and that God will hold them to account.  Never the less, they renew their commitment to God.
       Then Joshua sends the people away, each to his own inheritance, and dies at the age of 110!  It is noteworthy that the writer shares with us that not only has Joshua, one of the two last participants in the original exodus from Egypt died, but also Eleazar, the other remaining survivor of exodus, the son of Aaron.
       The promises are not all kept by the people, yet as we will see, God more than keeps His own.  What have you promised God that you have not done?  Why not begin today?
       What has God done in your life that far exceeds any expectation you could have had?  Give Him thanks.
        Having read what happened to Joshua and the People of Israel, make up your mind to follow God more faithfully, with courage and boldness, and to trust Him even against impossible odds to see you through.  Choose to serve Him because He is your God!

A. Eugene Pearson 2011