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2 Samuel 5-7


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                                                              

Thru the Bible in a Year

       David’s reign as king of all Israel begins with pledges of loyalty from all the ten tribes of Israel (there were two additional tribes in Judah of which David was a part).  As a sign of his prowess and God’s blessing, David conquers Jerusalem (a place perennially out of reach to the Israelites), and makes it his capitol.
       David then takes the initiative away from the Philistines, who have heard of his coronation and are massing for battle, by attacking – but only after he receives the LORD’s blessing.  God even provides the strategy and David is completely victorious (although the Philistines will continue to plague him and Israel for several years to come). 
       Now David brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, thus establishing it as the religious center of the nation.  The extent and nature of his  rejoicing in this fact brings him into contempt from his wife, and from that moment on there are estranged. 
       Through the prophet Nathan, God renews with David the covenant He originally established with Abraham, and promises to bless him in all he does and to establish his descendants forever in God’s sight.  David responds with humility and commitment and it is clear that he recognizes God as the sole source and preserver of any success he may have or heritage he may pass on .
       Have you noticed how God’s blessing guarantees outcomes?  No one who receives it ever fails, in the history presented in the Bible.  At the same time, to go into battle (or life) without it most certainly guarantees failure.
       Do you regularly check you plans with God?  How excited do you get when you think about all God has done in your life?  David was dancing with joy at God’s goodness.  Are you ever filled with gratitude and praise for his blessings?
       Think back over the course of your life and make a list of God’s blessings?  Have you thanked Him for them all?  Spend some time in prayer recognizing how marvelous is God’s grace, His love, His protection, His comfort, His direction and His other blessings.  Then go into the day and serve Him with joy.

A. Eugene Pearson 2011