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1 Kings 5-7


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                                                              
Thru the Bible in a Year

      The construction of Solomon=s Temple is one of the great feats of the ancient world and was considered a great wonder at the time.  The preparations involved negotiations with people in Phoenicia because wood was in much greater supply there and of better quality.  Solomon=s approach to the king of that area was so positive and flattering that the two made a treaty which lasted throughout their lifetimes.
       The project requires the efforts of 30,000 men conscripted by Solomon, along with 150,000 others over a period of 7 years (6:38).  The structure is not only large (about 45 feet high, 30 feet wide and 90 feet long), but was also extremely ornate and detailed.  1 Kings 6:7 reminds us that none of the stones was cut at the site; they were quarried in a place which can still be seen today and after being dressed and marked, were carried to the workers who put them together in a predetermined pattern.
       After the Temple is completed, Solomon immediately begins work on the royal palace which takes 13 years to finish.  The palace was 45 feet high, by 75 feet wide and 150 feet long.
       The detail of the Temple furnishings (recorded in chapter 7) is amazing and is recorded at length to make clear the importance of this structure.  There was a treasury associated with the Temple in which were deposited the most valuable spoils of David=s conquests.

       Considering the care with which the Israelites constructed a building in honor of God, how much more should our lives (which have been dedicated to God) be carefully used to honor Him as well.  We are often quick to excuse ourselves from His service and  relieve ourselves of the effort required to carry out His work in an excellent way.   We sometimes seem to read His instructions for living as though they were only written for others.
       Ask yourself today, how can I give my life back to God?  What is there in me which has not been fully dedicated, developed and refined to honor Him.  Notice that Solomon built a much larger dwelling for himself and his court than he did for God and His.  Do we find ourselves doing much the same thing?
       It takes time and effort to build a great building.  It takes the same to fully develop our lives.  What are you doing to grow as a Christian this year?  What could you do over the next 5 years to become more like God wants you to be?
Make a plan and begin following it.  Time and effort:  both are indispensable to growth.

A. Eugene Pearson 2012