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2 Chronicles 1-5


A Devotional Journey
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                                                              
Thru the Bible in a Year
        For the Chronicler, Solomon appears to relate to David as Bazalel related to Moses: Solomon builds the temple using plans provided by David, and Bazalel build the Tabernacle using plans provided by Moses (of course both Moses and David received their plans from God).  It is possible to see the similarities between Solomon and Bazalel even more clearly (see Exodus 31 & 35, and 2 Chronicles 1-4): both are the only ones involved in the building who are chosen by name by God; both come from the tribe of Judah; both receive the Holy Spirit and are gifted with wisdom; both build the sanctuary's furnishings. 
        The narrative begins with Solomon's request for wisdom in response to God's promise of anything he might ask.   God's approval of the new king's request leads Him to give wealth and prosperity in addition to the wisdom asked.
        In subsequently building the temple, Solomon uses only the best materials, bringing cedar from Tyre, for example, and overlaying the entire inside with pure gold (3:4).  The dimensions and materials used for construction are provided in some detail, and it is obviously a splendid facility.  Even the trophies of his father, David, are added to the wealth of the building by Solomon. 
        When all the other work is done, the ark of the Lord's covenant is brought across the valley from Zion (where David had kept it).  At the conclusion of the placement of the Ark, the temple is filled with a cloud, and the glory of the LORD.
        When you are involved in serving God, is your effort as focused and aimed at excellence as was Solomon's?  Do you ever stop to think through how you will approach God in prayer: who you will pray for, what you will discuss, how long you will spend? 
        The temple in Jerusalem symbolized the relationship between God and His people Israel, therefore it was constructed with the greatest of care.  How careful are you about the construction of your life as the chief exhibit of your relationship with God?
        Today, make you own plan for personal, spiritual development.  Pick some materials (written, spoken, visual) with which you can build up your life.  Identify some key individuals whose friendship would help you focus more on God=s plan for your life.  Set aside time each day to consider the progress (or lack there of) you are making in your relationship with God.
        Then go to work as Solomon did, bringing honor to God by what you make . . . of your life!
A. Eugene Pearson 2011