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2 Chronicles 6-9


A Devotional Journey
     led by Dr. Gene Pearson                                                                                                             
Thru the Bible in a Year

        In Solomon's prayer of dedication for the temple, he recognizes the unique place God has in his life and the lives of all the Israelites.  He recalls the faithfulness of God to his father and all those who have served Him in the past.  He asks God's protection on his life and the lives of all His people and that God would make this sanctuary a place where everyone would feel certain that He answers prayers offered there.
        Following this prayer, the dedication ceremonies are held, and then God appears to Solomon once again (as he had when the young king asked for wisdom).  God's presence essentially reestablishes the conditions of His covenant with Israel: "I will be your God and you will be My people!."
        It is made clear by the Chronicler that after completing the temple, the rest of Solomon's life was blessed by God: first in his many battles and conquests and his elimination of all remaining enemies of Israel; then in his meeting with the queen of Sheba; then in the splendor of his monarchy and rule; and finally in his death.
        The Chronicler lists none of Solomon's flaws; nor does he try to cover all of Solomon's achievements.  The key fact for the writer is that Solomon was the builder of the most important building in the world, and that God blessed him for it.  We only know from the book of Kings many of the other details regarding this third king of Israel (Saul being first and David being second).
        Does God occupy a unique place in your life?
  Are you living as though this is true?  Make a list of all the things God has done to bless your life (be sure to include some things which could not have been done by anyone other than Him!). 
        How reliable is God in your experience?  Have you fully invested your trust in Him?  Do you go to Him for guidance, or just for relief from foolish choices you have made without benefit of any communication with Him?
        There are certain defining moments in our lives.  What are the key events in your own?  What would you tell someone else who asked you the reason for your faith in God's love and provision for your life? 
  A. Eugene Pearson 2011