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Job 18-19


A Devotional Journey
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson 
Thru the Bible in a Year
            Once again, Bildad returns to the theme that the wicked are punished for their sins immediately and that justice is everywhere perceived by those who will simply look!  Ultimately, he asserts, death is the greatest punishment for the wicked.
            It is interesting that the evil man is identified with the one who does not know God.  Consistently (particularly in the Psalms and Proverbs), a connection is drawn between connection to God and good verses disconnection from God and evil.  The good in life comes from that connection, not from something innately human in origin.
            In Job’s speech we begin to see more clearly how far he has come from his initial position in 13:15:  “Even though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!”  He begins to consistently see God as his enemy, when in fact, as those who are reading the story know, He has never ceased being Job’s friend. 
            In all this Job does not deny that we can get ourselves into trouble by the unrighteousness and weakness in our own l
lives – only that his own life does not merit the degree of disaster he is experiencing. 
            19:23-27 is the high point in the book in many regards:  Job’s faith in God remains, in spite of it all.  His proclamation of it is both a testimony and a warning.
            How close are you to God?  How good do you want to be?  Since the two go together, it is crucial to work on our relationship with God if we are to succeed in significant way at becoming all we could be.
            To what extent are the troubles in your life the result of your own effort or lack thereof?  In what ways have you failed to allow God’s wisdom to filter through the emotional and self-centered screens in your life?
            Today, make a plan to pray more and listen for God’s voice more.  Make a decision to set aside any pattern you can identify which is pulling you off course from the kind of life God wants for you (and you want for yourself!).  Let Job’s faith be a reminder and a warning in your life.
. © A. Eugene Pearson 2010