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Job 35-37


A Devotional Journey 
    Led by Dr. Gene Pearson 
Thru the Bible in a Year
            These chapters contain Elihu’s third and fourth speeches.  Chapter 35 is addressed to Job.  Particularly telling is his argument in verses 9-15:  innocent people have a tendency to cry out to God but, at the same time, forget to put their trust in His ultimate justice and goodness.
            Elihu’s fourth speech emphasizes the goodness and justice of God, and His consistency in punishing the wicked and rewarding the righteous.  Even Job will discover this is true in the end.  The problem for Job is that he is in the middle:  underway, but not yet finished.  Elihu correctly points out that our proper attitude in the middle must be one of trust and confidence in God’s wisdom because His thoughts and actions are often beyond our meager human understanding. 
            Chapter 37 includes a rather sophisticated understanding of the earth’s atmosphere:  1) evaporation and distillation of water for rain; 2) clouds as holders of moisture; 3) the behavior of clouds in extreme storms.
            In his emphasis on the power of God over creation, Elihu anticipates the points God Himself makes later.  Yet he includes himself in the class of those who are vulnerable to God’s majesty and does not lord it over Job. 
            Do you believe that the wicked are always punished and the righteous are always blessed.  If you substitute the word ultimately for the word always, you can see the difference:  God does precisely in the end what He does not always do in the middle.  If you know you belong to God and that there will come a time when He brings you into His Kingdom forever, does it really matter so much whether other people are instantly punished for their sins?  Is the goal not that they should have as much of an opportunity as possible to respond to the offer of salvation in Jesus Christ?
            Still God is sovereign; yet we are still incapable of grasping all the options and possibilities that allows God to consider.
            Today, ask God to remind you of all He has created and done since the universe came into being at His command, and to help you trust His perspective and love more.  Then find someone you can encourage to consider God’s love in his/her life.
            What we do not understand, we can accept if we know God is in it and that He is always working for our best interests, as well as those of others – whatever the appearances.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2010