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Psalms 7-12

5/30/2020 - 5/31/2020 - Psalms 7-12

A Devotional Journey 
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson  
Thru the Bible in a Year
        Of the 150 psalms, only 34 lack some sort of notation.  These superscriptions include references to:  1) the author; 2) name of the collection to which they belong; 3) literary type; 4) musical requirements; 5) how they are to be fit into the liturgy (or worship order); 6) some indication of the occasion leading to their composition.
        The style is poetic throughout the book; however, this does not mean that prayer or praise must be so (other examples in the Old Testament are written in prose, e.g., Nehemiah 9:5-37).
        Psalm 7 was written by David and addresses his pursuit by a member of the tribe of Benjamin who served King Saul during the time that king was seeking to kill David.  The concerns of this  psalm reflects that background.
        Psalm 8 is an expression of the wonder of God=s power as creator of the universe and of human beings.  Two thoughts predominate:  1) the display of God=s glory seen clearly in the heavens, and 2) the unfathomable interest of this awesome Creator in such humble creatures as humans.
        Psalm 9 lists the tune to which it should be sung, although no knowledge remains as to the nature of the music involved.  It is a confident song of praise and rejoicing which emphasizes God=s justice and the punishment of the wicked.
        Psalms 10-11 are prayers separated by a song of praise dealing with God=s defense of the weak against the attacks of arrogantly wicked men.  The picture of what wickedness is like (Psalm 10) stands as a classic in Old Testament literature and is a reminder that no matter how things appear, there will come a time when the wicked can terrify no more!
        Do you ever wonder why God would be interested in your life?  As you experience some of the conflicts and problems of life, do you ever wonder if He is?  God=s creation is a clear reminder of both His greatness and His regard for us (as Psalm 8 points out).  His love is reliable.
        What characteristic of God in these Psalms do you find comforting?  Find someone you can share that comfort with today.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2010