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Psalms 19-24


A Devotional Journey    
     led by Dr Gene Pearson 
Thru the Bible in a Year
     Psalm 19 is another song of awe in the presence of God=s creation, but also at the effectiveness and practicality of His standards, which are more precious than gold and must not only be understood but committed to memory and reflected on often.  Verse 14 is one of the most famous in the Bible.
     Psalm 20 is a liturgy, written in preparation for the king=s departure into battle against foes which are formidable.  It emphasizes that while some may put their trust in the weapons of warfare created by human beings, the real power and security, even in battle, come from the Lord.
     Psalm 21 is a song of praise to God for the victories of the king, and, as such, is perfectly placed after the requests and statements of the previous psalm.  A key point is that God=s love is unfailing
     Psalm 22 again gives the tune to which it should be sung, and contains the tormented prayer of the one being victimized by enemies who have no reason to behave in such a way.  This psalm, better than any other, fits the situation of Jesus on the Cross.  Both Matthew and John refer to this psalm in their telling of Christ=s crucifixion (see, Matthew 27:35, 39, 43; John 19:23-24, 28).
     Psalm 23 must be the most familiar of all psalms.  It depicts the joy of one who is accepted by God and both blessed and protected by His love.  The first section sees God in the image of a shepherd caring for sheep; the second as the desert host whose hospitality protects His guest from all danger and provides him with wonderful things.
     Psalm 24 is a song of procession apparently composed to celebrate David=s relocation of the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem or to later commemorate that event.   Christians have long used this psalm in celebration of Christ=s ascension.
     Do you ever feel that your problems have become overwhelming?  Read Psalm 22.  Then read Psalm 23.  Do you believe God has your best interest at heart?  Then trust Him.  Make it a practice for the next week to start each day praising God for Who He is and what He has done.  Make up your own list and see if it does not set  a great tone for the day.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2010