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Psalms 25-30


A Devotional Journey  
  led by Dr Gene Pearson 
Thru the Bible in a Year
     Psalm 25 is an interesting psalm in that it includes David's admission of sin and request for forgiveness in the middle of an appeal to God's covenant relationship with His people Israel and a request that He deliver David from those who would use his weakness to advance their own wicked agendas.  It is also interesting that each line begins with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet until all the letters are used (this is called an alphabetical acrostic)
     Psalm 26 is another psalm of David requesting God's mercy and asking Him to vindicate his faithfulness by sparing him the fate of those whose hands are wicked.  It is notable that David is able to assert his own righteousness (something similar to Paul's words in Philippians 4:9.
     Psalm 27 is a confident prayer of praise for God's reliability and the security this creates.  Whatever may happen (e.g., an army attack), whatever may be required, God will provide, protect and bring His servant safely through.  Our greatest need is the patience to wait to see how wonderfully God will act.
     Psalm 28 is connected with Psalm 23 by the reference to the Lord as a shepherd.  Here David prays for God=s deliverance from his enemies and their punishment.  The prayer ends with an affirmation that God has heard and his confidence that such being the case, everything else will work out.
     Psalm 29 is a hymn of praise to the God of creation whose power is revealed in the thunder and lightening of storms.  The awesome power of nature to twist the trunks of the strongest trees is simply a reminder that the One who stands behind it all should receive the glory due His name.
     Psalm 30 is a song for the dedication of the temple built by Solomon.  While David was not alive when this took place, he was present at the consecration of both the building site and materials.  The words are most inspiring:  You turn my mourning into dancing.
     How much do you trust God:  enough to share with him your feelings and concerns?  Enough to wait for His answers?  
     Today look at the power God displays in nature (at the ocean or through the sun, or in a storm) and remind yourself that this is the power He uses in your life.  Then live in the security of His love and protection all day, and when a setback or trial comes, do your best and leave the rest to Him!
© A. Eugene Pearson 2010