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Psalms 90-97

6/13/2020 - 6/14/2020 - Psalms 90-97

A Devotional Journey   
     led by Dr Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
        Psalm 90 embodies a prayer for God's comfort and compassion in the middle of His punishment.  The mood is somber; the expression powerful.  This is one of the most moving and majestic expressions of human emotion in the presence of God and in the knowledge of His judgment on their sin.  Yet, there is still hope and confidence in His grace and goodness.
        Psalm 91 presents the enthusiastic witness to God's protection of those who belong to Him.  In vs. 3-13, the word you is used and may indicate that the psalm was written to encourage worshipers in the temple who came with a devotion to God.  Two sections, beginning with verse one and verse 9, each are characterized by the promise of security in the care of God (91:1, 9). 
        Psalm 92 begins several psalms of praise and affirms His greatness and His faithfulness to the righteous or those who follow and obey Him as Lord. 
        Psalm 93 conveys the awe of one who recognizes God's ultimate place and affirms the inviolability of His standards and the supremacy of His power and will. 
        Psalm 94 appeals to God as the One who disciplines and blesses.  Those who have been oppressed are heard in this song (consider verses 16-19) and their hope is that He will avenge their mistreatment.
        Psalm 95 presents a call to worship which was, no doubt, used in the temple services.  Two themes are evident:  the greatness of God Who leads us like a shepherd, and an appeal to all worshipers to remember the folly of turning away from God's will.
        Psalm 96 calls all peoples everywhere to recognize and worship the true God.  A call to witness to His glory and a statement of our ultimate accountability before His judgement marks this psalm.
        Psalm 97 continues the praise in psalms 94-100.  He appears as the One who controls all natural forces and who despises evil.  Therefore, His people must turn away from sin as from darkness and find in God the light of their lives.     
        Praising God in some ways is simply a reminder to us of Who He is.  His greatness may cause us to wonder about our own position before Him, but the celebration of His love and blessings, both throughout history and our own lifetimes puts our relationship in perspective. 
        Today, as you consider what you face, remember that you are not alone.  The God of Israel is with you.  His love and compassion are everlasting.  In the middle of a corrupt and unstable world, He will never walk away B in fact He promises to protect you forever.  Praise the Lord!
© A. Eugene Pearson 2010