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Psalms 128-134


A Devotional Journey   
     led by Dr Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
        Psalm 128 continues the group known as psalms of ascent.  It enumerates the blessings which result from faithfully following God as we move through our lives.
        Psalm 129 is the prayer of God's people for the destruction of their enemies.  This desire for vengeance is summarized in the plea that God's blessings be withheld. 
        Psalm 130 is a prayer of confession and a plea for mercyAfter expressing a repentant heart, the writer describes his position of waiting for the Lords=s forgiveness.  The final two verses serve to instruct and encourage the people of Israel to put their faith in the LORD.
        Psalm 131 is expression of humility before God and the need for faith in Him.  The final verse mirrors that in Psalm 130.
        Psalm 132 is a song of affirmation regarding God's choice of, and good plan for, Israel.  It conveys the promises of God to support the Davidic monarchy.
        Psalm 133 deals with value of brotherly affectionThis is not strictly reserved for nuclear families, either.  All believers are included in the term brothers. 
        Psalm 134 is a blessing on those who work in the temple.  It appears to arise out of the joy being experienced by those who had returned home from Babylon only to find their houses robbed or burnned to the ground.
        We can only be fascinated by the order and structure of these psalms.  Starting with God's many blessings, there is discussion of the writer's many enemies who need to be punished for their actions, to a confession of sin and plea for mercy, to an exaltation of Israel, to the basic realities of home-life and its success.
        Today, consider the complicated dimensions of your own life.  Ask God to become your Protector, just as He was for Israel.   Make a commitment that you will look for opportunities to share what you know about the LORD.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2010