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Psalms 135-139


A Devotional Journey   
     led by Dr Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
       Psalm 135 is another of the Hallel psalms, framing its message with Hallelujahs (the word which means Praise the Lord).  God is described as the absolute LORD of creation (the fact that He is greater than all the gods makes this point), as the savior of Israel and as the Source of their ultimate triumph over their enemies.  The form calls to mind Psalm 103.
        Psalm 136 is an example of litany and is similar to 135 in its themes.  The first statements would have been read by worship leader, and the phrase, His love endures forever would have been recited by the worshipers.
        Psalm 137 is clearly a song from the exile in Babylon.  Bitter memories of captivity and unfair treatment remain in the mind of the writer who has evidently recently returned.  Scripture does not hide human emotion, and since God inspires its composition, He must feel it important for us to see that even those with deep wounds and unhealed emotions can turn to Him and find hope and comfort -- even before any change of mind or heart.
        Psalm 138, like Psalm 18, is a song of praise for God's help against Israel's enemies.  Ascribed to David, it presents the gratitude of one who has seen God's deliverance and has confidence in the future as a result.
        Psalm 139 is a prayer for God's vindication.  The writer is confident of his acceptance by God in a similar way to Job; yet not so confident as to exclude all possibility of sin in his life.  He simply believes in God=s ultimate justice and longs for a chance to be acquitted before God.
        God is praised for many things in the book of Psalms.  His salvation in times of danger, His faithfulness in supporting His people, and His greatness as Lord of all creation is continuously affirmed.  It is what God is capable of and does which makes our prayers in times of trouble and need so reasonable and important.  These prayers are also found among the psalms.
        Do you trust God with your future?  As you work today, are you confident of His care and support?  Spend some time praising God for the good things He has done in your life which you have already listed as you have gone through this study (you can make such a list now if you have not done so already) and you will find it easier to believe He can see you through whatever you are facing or may face as the day goes on.
        Hallelujah! is the perfect word to describe the feeling that comes over anyone who realizes God's goodness in his/her life.  Praise the Lord!
© A. Eugene Pearson 2010