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Psalm 140-145


A Devotional Journey 
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
        Psalm 140 is a prayer for God's help against those who devise evil plansThe description of his enemies by David is both vivid and dramatic.  His call for God's judgement on these people is clear and extreme.  His confidence in God's justice and mercy is conclusive.
        Psalm 141 is another prayer of David for deliverance from evildoersThe challenges of ruling a nation come clearly into focus in the writing and poetry of David.  His own temptation and need for protection is explicit.  Nevertheless, his eyes are fixed on God, and he is confident that he will pass by in safety.
        Psalm 142 carries the same theme further.  Clearly the situation here is one of desperate need, filled with the plaintive pleas of someone in pain.  While his circumstances may be oppressive (as a prison), nevertheless, David's faith remains in God's ultimate deliverance and goodness.
        Psalm 143 is the seventh and final example of a penitential psalm.  David describes the torment and devastation of his sin and its punishment, and  pleads with God to reestablish him on level ground, out of trouble.  He never turns against God or rejects His discipline; rather, he only seeks a renewed and more consistent (on his own part) relationship.
        Psalm 144 is a prayer for help and an affirmation that it will come.  Verses 1-10 are very similar to Psalm 18.  The concluding statement, blessed are the people whose God is the Lord, is unique in the psalms.
        Psalm 145 brings to an end the prayers for deliverance and instead offers praise for all God is and has done.  It is transitional to the last section of the psalms which is filled with praise and thanksgiving.  The Lord has answered David's prayer and He is exuberant.
        Do you keep track of how many times God answers your prayers?  It is a wonderful exercise to write down your prayer requests and then review them from time to time to see what answers you can discern.  It is amazing how often we ask God's help and then fail to notice when He gives it!
        Today, begin some kind of prayer journal.  After a few weeks (years) you will find much to be encouraged about in its pages.

8 A. Eugene Pearson 2011