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Psalm 145-150


A Devotional Journey  
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson   
Thru the Bible in a Year
           Psalm 146 is reminder to God's people to trust in Him.  It begins 5 songs of praise (hallelujah psalms) which close out the book of Psalms. This, as well as Psalms 147-150, begins and ends with the Hebrew word Hallelujah, translated Praise the Lord.  Only God is worthy of our trust, and only God's compassionate grace reaches out to everyone - even the most disadvantaged and oppressed.
           Psalm 147 celebrates God's unique involvement with Israel, and was perhaps used at the dedication of the walls of the rebuilt city of Jerusalem, during the time of Nehemiah (c. 450 B.C.).  God's power does not reduce His concern for the intimate needs of His people and for all Creation.  He delights in those who fear ... and put their hope in Him.
           Psalm 148 calls for God's praises from the heavens (v.1) and the earth (v.7), and then gives the reasons why this should be done (vs. 13-14).  He is the Creator of all - including the People of Israel who are close to His heart.
          Psalm 149 calls on the worshiper to remember Who God is, and blessed are His people, who are to rejoice at being included in His family and at their assignment as His agents in the world to defeat His enemies.
           Psalm 150 may have been written for the specific purpose of concluding
the psalter. It calls every human group with every means at their disposal (as seen in
the musical instruments mentioned) to honor and recognize God.  Not only every
thinking creature, but every breathing creature should praise the Lord.  Why?  The
answer has already been given in the rest of the psalms:  He is the King, the Creator,
the Sustainer of life, the merciful One, the Upholder of the oppressed and powerless,
the Judge of all Creation, to mention a few.  He is worthy of our worship, reverent awe
and praise.
     Do you trust God?  Do you believe He always has your best interest at heart?  Do you believe that even if He allows you to face hardship, opposition from other people, illness or death itself, He is still with you?  
     Do you believe that God's plan will ultimately triumph?  If so, you can fit comfortably in with the theology of the psalmist.
     Today, ask yourself if there is any area in your life which you are failing to consider in the light of these beliefs about God's goodness and grace.  Is there any situation in which you are unwilling to wait on the Lord for an answer or help.
     God's love and grace are certainly worthy of our praise.  The fact that He is not only interested in us at all, but determined to bless our lives is ample reason to praise the Lord!

© A. Eugene Pearson 2010