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Ecclesiastes 8-10


A Devotional Journey 
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
         The Teacher concludes in chapter 10 that though wisdom may not always bring joy, it is still the best course to follow.  It is best to keep working at life, even though we cannot fully understand its course or its ultimate outcome. 
         Chapter 11 presents the fact that it is better to act than simply play it safe!  We must do what we can and remember that it will never be everything that could be done.  We should live life to the fullest, but always in the knowledge that we are accountable to God.
         Chapter 12 begins with a reminder that the knowledge of God is the key to life (v.1), then goes through a description of the progressive deterioration of life that comes in process of aging.  It has been thought that the imagery may refer to parts of the human body which wear out. 
         The conclusion of the book (12:9-14), is that reverent obedience to God is all we can depend on in life because ultimately we are accountable to Him and to no one else.  It is in that context that we have been encouraged to live life to the fullest without so much concern for appearances, circumstances we cannot control or an understanding of everything we encounter.
         Today, ask yourself if you are worried about the wrong things.  Do you know what God wants in your life?  As you read through the Bible, keep a list of the basic standards he sets and you will find that Jesus was right:  they can all be summarized in the words:  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; love your neighbor as yourself; and you will have done everything God expects you to do, coming as close to fulfillment and significance in this world as you possible can.
         Pick out something that is not as important as you have been making it, and let it go.  You will be surprised at the relief such an exercise can bring.

8 A. Eugene Pearson 2011