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Isaiah 5-8


A Devotional Journey 
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
        The song of the vineyard recorded in chapter 5 is most likely the basis of Jesus
' parable regarding the unfaithful tenants (see Matthew 21:33-44).  The LORD is patient, but neither blind nor unwilling to act.
         The call of Isaiah is found in chapter 6.  The structure of the book is interesting:  first, some shocking oracles are delivered with considerable drama; then, the credentials of the speaker are presented in support of all that has been said.  This message is not from Isaiah; it is from the LORD Himself. 
         Even in his call, Isaiah is reminded that not everyone will respond with enthusiasm or even belief to the message he will bring.  In fact, the Word of the LORD will only serve to drive some people farther away from Him and the salvation He offers.  Why?  Because, as Jesus points out in John 3:19:  Men loved darkness instead of light
         Prophesy typically has what is known as a proleptic aspect.  Simply put, this means the prophetic message applies both to the circumstances and experience of its immediate audience, and, at the same time, applies to future events which will later reveal its additional import.  So chapter 7 points to political events in the time of Isaiah and to the coming Messiah. 
         In chapter 8, Isaiah identifies Assyria as God's instrument of judgment, and urges the people to put their trust in God and wait for His redemption. 
         Have you ever received a blessing or benefit from God and forgotten to thank Him?  An attitude of thanksgiving protects us from the kind of arrogance exhibited in the inhabitants of the vineyard in chapter 5.  Is there any blessing in your life you are taking for granted;  any that you may be misusing?
         In what do you trust the most:  God's Word; People's opinions; Wealth?  Isaiah makes clear in this section that our trust must be in God.  That means we listen to His Word and obey His revealed will B even when it is difficult or unpleasant in our eyes.
         Today, thank God for your blessings and rededicate both them and yourself to Him.  Take a look at where you find your greatest sense of security [Hint:  what couldn’t you live without?], and make sure God is at the center.  God is a wonderful Savior, but a terrifying Judge!  In Jesus Christ He has made clear His preferred role.  We must accept and embrace Him as such.
© A. Eugene Pearson 2010