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Ephesians 1-3


A Devotional Journey 
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
            Ephesus was the most prominent city on the eastern side of the Roman Empire.  In addition to its superb harbor and access to a major river flowing through Asia Minor it could also boast of being at the intersection of several major trade routes.  Its temple dedicated to the Roman goddess Diana (Greek counterpart of Artemis) was considered one of the wonders of the world.
            Paul had spent over 3 years working in the city to establish its Christian congregation, and the work had gone well enough that when John wrote many years later, it was considered one of the 7 churches worthy of receive specific and direct instructions from Christ Himself (these instructions are more in the form of a warning, but nonetheless highlight the importance and significance of the congregation).
            The purpose of this letter is not to expose heresy, but to expand vision.  The Ephesians are reminded in the most glowing terms of the high purpose to which they have been called and the gracious gift of salvation in which they have been sealed by God’s own Spirit.  God’s plan for the unity of Christ’s Church, and the fact that this is actually an expression of the reconciliation all have received with God through Jesus Christ is a key emphasis.  The faithful life of the Church has an impact on the heavenly realms as a result of the fact that its direction and purpose comes from heaven where Christ is exalted at the right hand of God.
            This book is filled with expressions of praise for God’s wisdom, planning and love.  Our inclusion in His family is not the result of our effort or success – it depends on His grace alone, and since He is eternally reliable, we cannot either fall from His grace or lose His love.  We will sin, and at times perhaps even rebel; however we will not lose our place among His people, because He assures it both through His word (the Bible and Christ), and again through sending His Spirit into our lives.
            How valuable do you think your life is to God?  He has given you faith itself (according to 2:8); do you believe He has a positive interest and involvement in your life?  What thought or concern invites you to doubt this?  Ask God today to remind you every hour that you are His possession, sealed by His holy Spirit and equipped with His armor to resist the schemes and temptations of the devil
            Given God’s grace and protection, should we not be eager to tell others what He has done?  Why not encourage someone else today with some statement of your own experience of God’s love.  Witnessing is just telling the truth about what we know.
© A.  Eugene Pearson