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Hebrews 3-4


A Devotional Journey 
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
            Chapters 3 and 4 of Hebrews contain an exposition of Psalm 95:7-11 which teaches the superiority of Christ over Moses since Moses is simply the servant Christ who has sovereignty over all.  Moses led the people out of political bondage, but Christ leads them out of spiritual bondage.  The comparison is straightforward:  1)  Moses was a servant while Christ was a Son; 2) Moses was in the house, while Christ was over it.
             Using the example of the People of Israel under Moses, the writer of Hebrews warns us to avoid the kind of distractions which can pull us away from our focus on God and cause us to get lost in our own importance and thereby harden our hearts against His lordship over all of life.  Throughout the discussion it is clear that consequences result from failure to follow God faithfully.
             It is clear that merely hearning the gospel is not enough to guarantee our place in God’s kingdom.  We must listen and respond with obedience to His voice.  When we do, we enter into a state of salvation, referred to by the writer of Hebrews as His rest
             What is hidden to us is not hidden from God and we are all subject to the judgement of His Word.   That Word is ultimately Christ, who is not only the One before whom we must give account, but also the One who understands and sympathizes with our weaknesses and acts on our behalf as a high priest by mediating God’s grace into our lives.
               As you think of Jesus Christ, do you think of a mediator:  One who intercedes on our behalf and enables us to approach God’s throne and receive His grace?  We have access to God through Jesus Christ, who not only goes into the presence of God (as the high priest did in the Holy of Holies in the Temple), but brings us into His presence as well – having provided safe conduct through His own death on the Cross on our behalf.
             Given Christ’s work on our behalf, what do we have to fear if we walk with Him?  The answer, of course, is nothing.  However, our disobedience of His will as well as any  continuous disregard for His standards puts in a different position entirely.  When we are walking with God and therefore have no reason to be concerned about His disapproval of our lives we can be at peace with Him and with ourselves.  However, when we are acting contrary to His standards and wishes we are automatically put into a position of uneasiness and fear.  This is why Augustine, writing in the 6th century could say (speaking of God), “Our hearts can find no rest until they rest in Thee.”
             Today, ask God to help you walk with Him all day.  He will reveal Himself and His will as you go through the day and as you follow Him you will find the peace that passes understanding about which Paul writes in Philippians 3.  Let God’s peace fill your life as you live in faithfulness to Him.
8 A. Eugene Pearson 2010