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Revelation 4-7


A Devotional Journey 
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
            Chapter 4 of Revelation presents a scene in heaven.  We are ushered, with John, into the throne room of God.  The description is magnificent and symbolic.  Beyond the mystery of the figures presented is the clear and compelling devotion they have to the Almighty God.  Their continuous praise is spoken in the words, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,
                                                                                                                                    who was, and is, and is to come.
            In chapter 5, John sees a sealed scroll in the hand of Him who sits on the throne (God) and discovers that no one is worthy to open it.  However, at the point of despair, the Lamb (who is Christ) steps forward and everyone recognizes that He alone is worthy.  Once again a beautiful affirmation breaks forth from all who are present followed by the song of the heavenly elders gathered  around God’s throne.
            In chapter 6, the seals begin to be opened by the Lamb.   The first 6 seals are broken and each one symbolizes some judgement of God unleashed in the world in preparation for the final judgement.  The last statement, that the great day of wrath has come, leads into the next chapter which is an encouragement to all those who remain faithful to God in the midst of His judgments.
            Chapter 7, first presents 144,000 people who are to be protected from God’s judgment.  They represent the redeemed in Christ who have nothing to fear, no matter what takes place around them or happens to them in the world.  Then a great multitude which is beyond numbering, appears around the throne of God and these are the ones who have gone through the last days and emerged safe and triumphant through their relationship with Christ and His power.  The scene is one of great rejoicing, and reminder for the Christians even before the entire story is presented, that they are safe in the Lord and in the end will be with Him.
            Do you find comfort in the fact that you will eventually be with God forever in heaven?  Do you ever stop to remind yourself that there is nothing anyone can ever do to you to separate you from God’s final victory?  We worry about so many things; yet none of them are eternal.  Write on a 3x5 card why you are secure in Christ, why you have nothing to fear from anyone or anything in this world, and 3 differences that is going to make in your life.
            As Romans 8:31 puts it:  “Since God is for us, nothing can stand successfully against us!”

8 A. Eugene Pearson 2010