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Revelation 8-13


A Devotional Journey 
    led by Dr. Gene Pearson
Thru the Bible in a Year
            In Chapter 8, the 7th Seal is broken revealing 7 Trumpets.  The silence in heaven for about half an hour, represents the awe of all those who come in direct contact with God’s ultimate plan for His creation.  The 1st 4 Trumpets bring   These trumpets sound as God’s judgment affects the heavens and earth, the 4th Trumpet proclaims the 3 Woes of the last 3 Trumpets which affect mankind directly.
            Chapter 9 presents some of the most bizarre and horrifying imagery in the book:  giant locusts with bodies like horses and faces like men are brought forth with the blowing of the 5th Trumpet..  These symbolic figures represent the catastrophic effects of God’s judgment on all who oppose Him.  The horses and riders released with the sounding of the 6th Trumpet are equally bizarre and even more destructive.  The incredible, yet consistent response of those who have already chosen to reject God and instead have worshiped self is to refuse to submit even in the fact of such indisputable evidence of His power.
            In chapters 10 and 11 another interlude (like that in chapter 7) occurs.  This time a small scroll is presented revealing the work of God’s people, symbolized by the Two Witnesses, who refuse to submit to the rule of Satan and his agents and, after accomplishing God’s purposes, are killed by the forces of evil.  They are resurrected, however, and taken into their reward in God’s eternal Kingdom.  Once again, before further revelation of the judgment of God, His people are reminded that they will be safe – even when it seems apparent that Satan has triumphed.
            At the end of chapter 11, the 7th Trumpet announces God’s final victory.  This could be the conclusion of the book, but at this point the visions regress from the future to the past and in chapter 12, a symbolic picture of Christ’s birth, and eventual ascension into heaven is presented as a clear defeat of Satan’s intention to destroy both Him and His work.
            Chapter 13 gives a more precise picture of Satan’s plan of attack at the end of time.  A beast appears from the sea and assumes the position of God’s ultimate enemy.  He is supported by another beast from the earth who represents and supports the first beast’s deity.  In this chapter it is clear that the final attempt by Satan to defeat God’s plan carries with it great tribulation for the people of God. 
            Do the images in Revelation scare you?  They should not.  Only the triumph evident among the followers of the Lamb need be of any concern to Christians.  The rest is for those who have rejected God and His offer of salvation. 

8 A. Eugene Pearson 2010