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Bible Studies
John Bible Study

 The New Testament  book of John offers  a great opportunity to understand the life and work of Jesus. 
Concepts such as the "Word" of God, the "Light of the world", and the Good Shepherd help spell out the purpose and efect of Christ's life on ours. The miracles, or "Signs", which John uses to divide his narrative into sections reveal the  power, compassion and involvement Jesus has with us as they sybolize God's intent for our salvation.
James Bible Study

 The New Testament
 Book of James offers
 a great opportunity
 to consider life from God's

 The wisdom and practical outlook
has blessed countless readers through the centuries and will bless you as you study it.

The Book of Acts

The New Testament Book of Acts
(sometimes called the Acts of the Apostles or the Acts of the Holy Spirit)describe the beninnings of the Church of Jesus Christ. Not only do we see how the first Christians dealt with problsms and opportunitites, but we find ourselves reflected in both their challenges and successs.  

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